UWSSP Group III- Al Rahidah Town


Location: Al Rahida town                                                                 

Client: Ministry of Water & Environmental, UrbanWater.

Supply and sanitation project.

Address: Sana’a,

Tel: +967-01-448051

Start Date: June 2009

Completion Date: 2010

Duration of Assignment: one year

Approx. Value: 600,000 $

Total No. of staff-months: 24

Name of associated Consultants: CC

No. of staff-months: 8

Approximate value by AC: N/A

NO. of staff months by AC: N/A


Involved seniors:

Team leader: Dr. Abdul Salam Kaid

Project coordinator: Eng. Hani Ali




Projects brief:


Rahida is located some 35 KMS east of the city Taiz. The project area lies between longitude 41° 76′ 22′′ E and 44 ° 18’10.36” E and between latitudes 13 ° 22′ 67. 41″ N and 13 ° 22′ 38.51″N. The ground elevation ranges from1117.5m to 1,020m a.m.s.l.


Scope of services:


Carried out the following works for on-site and off-site works, Preliminary inception and collection of data for preparation of inception report and feasibility study. Preliminary design, calculations, drawings and report, detailed designs calculations. Drawings and contract document for draft final report and final report.


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