Sheikh Khalifa Residential City, 800 Mud Housing Unit

Location: Al-Mukalla, HadhramoutClient: Red Crescent, UAEAddress: Red Crescent, UAETel: + 971 2 6996666

Fax: + 971 2 6411822

Start Date: 2009

Completion Date: 2012

Duration of Assignment: 3 years

Approx. Value: $326,000

No. of staff-months: 132

Involved seniors: Resident Eng.: Husam Ghaythan

Coordinator: Amin Kasem





Project’s Brief

A residential project for sheltering people affected by floods in 2008 in Hadramout. The project consists of the following components:


800 Mud housing unit designed in 6 types which consist of one floor as following:

  • Type (A),  121.83 m2.
  • Type (A’), 93.33  m2.
  • Type (B), 152.28  m2.
  • Type (C),  178.45 m2.
  • Type (D), 216.38 m2.


Scope of Service

Design consultancy services included the following:

  • Prepare conceptual and preliminary architectural designs.
  • Prepare final detailed architectural, structural and MEP drawings and details.
  • Prepare special and general technical specifications, bill of quantities and cost estimation.
  • Prepare tender documents including the special, general condition and the form of contract.
  • Assist the client in the evaluation of the contractors’ bids.

Also performing complete consultancy Supervision services which included the following tasks:

  • Study and review contract documents, drawing and specifications.
  • Review all planning and programming activities to verify contract will be completed according to agreed time schedule.
  • Issue Order to Commence Works.
  • Prepare and submit all periodical reports.
  • Review/ensure conformity of Contractor’s Works to contract documents.
  • Prepare Cash Flow Projections.
  • Prepare Interim and Final Payment Certificates.
  • Monitoring of Project Progress.
  • Hold Site Meeting with Contractor and employer.
  • Arrange for any Special Reports or Special Services.
  • Evaluate Contractor’s Claims.
  • Issue Variation Orders after Approval from Employer.
  • Carry out inspections in advance of Taking-Over Committee.
  • Review and approve the manuals for operations and maintenance.

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