Al Muzayana new Tent and Popular Souk project


Location: Sweihan , Abu Dhabi, UAE

Client: The management of H.H Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Start Date: 2018

End Date: 2018
Involved seniors:   Arch Raouf Abu Laban,  Senior Architect

Project’s Brief


The proposed design approach, places the emphasis on the desert. Nature is the key element that gives to the project its unique character and special identity. In contrast to any urban site, where the buildings are the major landmarks and nature plays a secondary role, or in the case of the existing Master Plan for any modern city planning, where the geometry of axes is the dominating element, we propose to create a natural form, which is characterized by unity and a feeling of revelation. The Tent and souk designs forms a dialectic relationship with its surroundings but it is also a ‘world in itself’ characterized by a special sense of place. There are no dominant features inside the site; rather the forms of natural surfaces reflecting the desert dry sand itself is the protagonist.

Activities in the soak are organized primarily around two major activates:

The recreation and cultural pole in the eastern corner refers to the macro-level appeal of the site to visitors from all around. The theater is placed there, aside of a large covered area, and it can host plays, concerts and other events. Above the service area related to the theater lies the gallery, where the visitor can coexist with photos and paintings express the desert area of Abu Dhabi and the cultural customs and traditions of emirates.

The second pole is the economic and social pole is formed at the heart of the site around the main large oasis. This will be the meeting area of the local population that will be lively on a daily basis and will have a less formal character. A selling and buying facilities, gathering areas, a restaurant and traditional cafe is integrated in this area. There are two main pedestrian entrances, Parking spaces are grouped in outside area.


Scope of Service

Prepare competition documents conceptual architectural design.

Prepare work plan schedule for design stages.

Technical & financial report.


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