Staff Housing Complex of KSA in Islamabad – Pakistan (Ltd.comp.)

Location :             Islamabad – Pakistan

Client :                  Mr. Sameh M. Kanaan,

Address :             Prince Mansour Street, Olaya, Riyadh 11411

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 505 455 239




Start Date:                                           6-12-2014

Completion Date:                             22-1-2015 

Duration of Assignment:               One Month

Approx. Value of the contract:     N/A

Total No. of staff-months:             80          

Name of Associated consultants: ACES

Approx. Value of the Services provided by the associated Firm: N/A        

No. of staff-months provided by associated consultants: N/A


Name of senior staff:

Coordinator: Lian Khan

Project brief:

The project announced as a limited competition from the ministry of foreign affairs in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Housing project designed for 76 units, located at the Diplomatic Enclave of Islamabad, Pakistan, The land is a single plot of 8,092 m² dedicated for the Staff Housing Complex,

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