Training and Building Capacity

HS Group has rapidly expanded to become one of the largest consultancy firms in planning, engineering and architecture. Our success is based on our professional trained staff. Although the staffs background and experience come from different completed projects and assignments, HS Group believes that offering in-house training and building capacity courses for its staff is essential to keep and increase its success and that training is an integrated part of the group vision and philosophy. Therefore the firm developed creative training and building capacity approaches based on the best training methods that are planned and organized to be conducted by capable local and international professional trainers in HS in-house training center.

The main types of the training programs conducted for HS group staff are:

  • In-House Professional Technical Courses (IHPTC): typically technical courses in the field of architecture, engineering and urban planning, carried out by in-house academic and/or professional experts in HS training center, regularly the (IHPTC) offered five times per month of 3-4 hours per day, the main software training courses are, GIS, land development and water and sewer cad.
  • Professional Technical Courses (PTC): offered in a professional training centers for the technical and management staff, mostly the (PTC) offered for the senior staff with minimum 5 years’ experience with the firm.
  • English language courses: HS group recognises the importance of the English language, since it is the international language of science, business and communication. To achieve this vision, HS group has made an agreement with a number of famous English language institutes to allow our staff to learn the language, according to their level. HS states the official language of the group in 2013 is English. Nowadays many are operating in order to achieve the 2013 goal.
  • Building capacity and developing character. These fundamental courses concentrate on developing the behaviors, characters, and the communication skills. HS Group has signed with CPS international training center a yearly program helping HS group leaders & teams discover their potential by developing the trust, vision and values communications, cooperation and team spirit.
  • On job training: Offering training courses for our staff during the working day , that covers all fields of specialisations , is one of the secrets to our successes to meet the ever changing standards consultancy, administration , accounting ,secretary , public relationship and computer science.

In 2007, HS Group expanded its training and building capacity programs and includes students and fresh graduates from universities as part of the social aid and organization services program, believing that building the capacity of the people is one of the main steps toward improving their life.

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