Engineering involves the art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social and practical knowledge, to design and build structures, systems and processes that safely realise improvements to the lives of people.

Consequently, the engineers use their knowledge of science, logic and appropriate experience to find suitable solutions to a problem. Creating an appropriate mathematical model of the problem allows them to analyse it and test potential solutions.

HS group, in 1999 established the engineering department to provide a complete engineering service for water and transportation projects. Since then, the engineering department, has completed over 81 projects, in water and transportation services, for both public and private sectors.

The following facts summarise the key achievements of the department:

  • o The approximate total value of all projects amounts to 9,614,001 $.
  • o The water engineering projects consisted of 47 projects with total approximate value of 7,0320,000 $.
  • o Whereas, the total achieved services in transportation is over 34 projects, with total approximate value of 2,582,001 $.

In April 2010, the ministry of Public Works and Highways (MPWH) classified HS group as a first class engineering firm in roads, transportation, water services, dams and irrigation sectors.

The provided services are managed and accomplished by two sub-departments which are:

  1. Water services sub-department.
  2. Transportation sub-department.

Water Services

Water is essential for all aspects of life, but fresh and clear drinking water is essential to a human being and their environment. Access to safe drinking water has been improved steadily and substantially over the last decades in almost every part of the world. However some observers have estimated that by 2025 more than half of the world population will be facing water – based vulnerability.

HS group, represented by the water services sub-departments, in the last ten years, has gained experience through many successful projects that have been achieved by its engineers and experts.

Our permanent engineers and experts team are specialised in executing all types of projects relating to the following sectors:

1-      Water Supply and Sanitation:

Water Supply and Sanitation basically includes the following sectors:

A- Water Resources

B- Water Storage & Supply

C- Wastewater and sanitation

D- Wastewater treatment

2. Dams & Irrigation.

Water Supply and Sanitation includes the following sectors:

  1. Dams and breakwaters
  2. Hydrology and hydrogeology
  3. Irrigation and soil conservation

Additionally, irrigation also has a few other uses in crop production,

which include :

  • o Protecting plants against frost,
  • o Suppressing weed growing in rice fields
  • o Helping in preventing soil consolidation.

3. Water collecting system and structures.

which basically includes the following:

A-      Flood protection.

B-       Water Harvesting

C-      Water storm.


As transportation demands outstrip worldwide findings, the governmental agencies seek innovation , cost – effective ways to improve their transportation and infrastructure systems. However the challenges are also to know how to prioritise them and to organize and privatise this work to meet the program goals quickly and inexpensively. HS group helps the clients to meet the future transportation needs while improving the performance of existing infrastructures and operations.

Since 1999 HS Group has never lost the focus on developing high – quality roads and highways, also providing extensive projects financing services for both public and private sectors. We have also been contracted for extensive design and supervision projects covering road network in the urban and rural areas.

Fields of Services :

From project conception and traffic modeling, to management of construction and subsequent operation, HS Group provides the following specific services,

  • o Transport studies and traffic modeling
  • o Transport design and contract documenting
  • o Preliminary designs and option assessment
  • o Electrical, mechanical, and communications transport supports systems
  • o Construction & maintenance planning, management and supervision
  • o Advice & Public participation
  • o Environment Impact Assessment

HS group is committed to our clients’ success in making transportation better for next generation. Therefore, we are proud to achieve and execute projects in the field of transportation including the following:


A. Ground Transportation

The ground Transportation  includes the following projects :

  • o Roads
  • o Highways
  • o Urban Roads
  • o Rural Roads
  • o Access Roads
  • o Complexes Roads’ Network
  • o Bridges
  • o Tracks & Public Car Parking

B. Sea Transportations

C. Air Transportations


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