Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Socotra Seaport in Hawlaf

hawlaf port


Assignment Name:Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Socotra Seaport in Hawlaf Country:Yemen
Location within Country:Socotra Archipelago –Yemen Professional Staff Provided by Your Firm/Entity(profiles): 8
Name of Client:Socotra Governorate No of Staff:9

Address: Hadibu town-Socotra-YemenPhone: +967 777 33 039 No of Staff-Months: 56 MMDuration of Assignment:11 months
Start Date(Month/Year): March 2016 Completion Date(Month/Year): Ongoing Approx. Value of Services (in Current US$):168,000
Name of Associated Consultants, If Any:Atlas Consulting Engineers No of Months of Professional Staff Provided by Associated Consultants: 2 MM
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:Project Director: Hani Anwar Sahooly              Project Co-director: Abdullah Al-YousfiProject Manager: Shakeeb Abdul-Azeez            Filed Engineer/Ports: Iyad SalehSurvey Engineer: Ammar Al-Kaaki                    Procurement Engineer: Osama Abo GhanemStructural Engineer :  Mohammed A. Zain        Electromechanical Engineer: Ahmed ShamsanEnvironmentalist: Adnan Gazzaz
Narrative Description of Project:The Socotra Archipelago lies 380 km to the south of Ras Fartak on the Arabian Sea coast of Yemen. It includes a group of islands – Socotra, Darsa, Samha and Abd Al Kuri. The western-most point of the Archipelago is just 80 km east of Cape Guardafui on the Somalia Peninsula. With a total land area of 3625 m2, Socotra is the largest of four islands. The eastern and central parts of the island are dominated by high mountain ranges with 1,570 m peaks and valleys providing green refreshing oases, sometimes hidden.The island has seen trade movement through imports from within the Republic or from neighboring countries (Gulf and Somalia) the berth affected by strong winds and high waves (Tsunami), which led the Yemen Arabian sea ports corporation to maintain the damage in 2008 for restarting the commercial traffic on the island and the provision of food and oil derivatives. The state established berth in 1996 with length of 280 meters and width 10 meters.Our project included the rehabilitation of the existing berth and expansion of its length by 70 meters and construction of new berth with 40 meters length including related installations of electro-mechanical facilities. The project included the construction of waves break barriers.The contractor for this project is: Ben Geriba & Al Makhzoum General Contracting Company and the construction cost is US$ 4,500,000.
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:The provided consulting services included the following :1-      Supervise the bathometric survey works by the contractor.2-      Review the designs and making the needed modifications.3-      Supervise the construction, rehabilitation and expansion works.
Consultant:HS-Group Financer: Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation

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