Zayed city, Mixed-Use project

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Assignment Name: Zayed city, Mixed-Use project  
Location within Country: Western Region, Abu Dhabi  
Name of Client: National Transport & Contracting Company – Contractors and Developers  
Address: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  
Start Date: June, 2016  
Involved seniors:  Hani Al Sahooly, Project Manager
                              Raouf Abu Laban, Senior Architect
Project’s Brief:It is a mixed use project located in the Western Region in Abu Dhabi. It is an ideal outdoor destination providing the ultimate lifestyle experience with its three main axes – Retail axis, cafes and restaurant axis, and the Green axis – that provides a unique mix of retail, cafes and restaurant, and Green areas along with a running track. Moreover, the project compromise residential units.The 25000m2 project consists of:

  • Retail zone of around 30 shops with various areas, in addition to a bazar.
  • Cafes and restaurant zone includes 25 places for cafes, restaurants, and fast food areas
  • Parks and green areas that includes children playground, water features, and sitting areas, in addition to 750m running track.
  • 75 Residential units – 57 two bedroom apartments and 18 are three bedroom apartments.


Scope of Service :Design consultancy services:

  • Prepare conceptual and preliminary architectural designs.
  • Prepare Final Detailed architectural, structural and MEP drawings and details.
  • Prepare special and general technical speccifications, bill of quantities and cost estimation.
  • Prepare tender documents including the special, general condition and the form of contract.

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