HS Group – Capability Statement

HS group was established in 1997 under the name of HS & Associates – Planners, Architects & Engineering Consultants. As a limited liable company, we provide professional consultancy services in buildings, urban planning and engineering.

HS group strives to maintain excellent quality services for its clients both in the public and private sectors. We use highly trained professionals, the latest software and technologies and years of experience to provide the finest service. Our services are managed and operated by international professionals and academic specialists. In addition HS is associated with a  number of international well known consulting firms and is able to draw upon the latest international expertise as and when required.

In 2010 the firm expanded to become a group of consultancy firms in the region. Currently HS group owns and affiliates with four regional firms in UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Djibouti.

HS headquarters is located in Aden, Yemen and consists of five main sections (as explained later in the organisational structure.) These include the four regional offices in Amman, Doha , Abu Dhabi and Djibouti. HS group also manages four local branches located in the capital Sana’a, Sayioun, Taiz and Mukalla.

Since its inception, HS has worked with more than 50 clients on over 200 projects across the building, water, roads and urban planning sectors. With projects completed in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yeman, always completed at the highest standard. HS group is registered with major government agencies in the region and with most major international lending bodies and private investors.

HS group has been registered officially in the Ministry of Public Works & Highways and the Chamber of Commerce as a professional consultancy Firm. The latest classification certificate was issued by the Ministry of Public Works & Highways on 15th May 2010 and classified HS as a first class professional consultancy firm.


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