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Any career is a journey. That journey at HS group is made more varied and rewarding by giving you the opportunity to help make positive change in the world. HS group is independent, and attracts a diverse mix of independently-minded people. You work in a rich culture that is naturally curious and always stimulating. The projects and places your journey takes you to are in your hands. We provide the right clients, questions and tools to take you there.

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There is a diverse range of opportunities for the curious-minded to explore at HS group. Here’s how to take your first step.To search or browse job vacancies with HS group in the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Yemen or Djibouti, please use our  Application Portal. (Link will open in a new browser window).

Rest assured that any personal information you provide HS group will only be used for recruitment purposes, or in relation to your job were your application to be successful.

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