A comprehensive understanding of how people’s lives shape and are shaped by their environments is the starting point for HS Group‘s approach to the design and planning of places at all scales.

Our landscape architects and urban designers consider the site’s physical surroundings and the needs of the client as well as the financial mechanisms, long-term community effects, implementation, maintenance, and management of the project.


Our practice is not simply focused on buildings and sites but on systems. The physical framework of streets, squares, parks, plazas and gardens that contribute to a sense of place. Effective and sustainable design requires careful integration of the many features of a particular site. From issues of aesthetics to those of ecology, circulation, infrastructure, visual impacts, and economic viability. HS Group‘s interdisciplinary approach brings together the best creative and strategic thinkers to facilitate the often complex reciprocal relationships between sites and their surrounding context.

HS Group, in 1999, established the urban planning department and since then, has gained experience in the field of town and urban planning and development. This allows our firm to participate with international specialised firms in updating and revising the major cities of Yemen.


With over 27 projects of approximate total of 8130741.1 $, the department made up of professionals in urban, complex, industrial and educational planning have accomplished projects in the field of urban planning, economic, social, demographical, transportation and traffic utilities etc as well as support GIS and the mapping department.

Our staff has a wide range of experience and expertise, strengthening the organisation through assessment, design, planning, staff development and leadership support. Giving the department the ability to complete projects in the following sectors of planning:

  1. Town & City Planning
  2. Complexes & Compounds
  3. Urban Planning
  4. Urban Design
  5. Ports Planning
  6. Airport Planning


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