Business Development


We Provide consultancy services to help improve people’s life

Our business development department crosses the traditional barriers between technical operations and management to set a creative functional business plan. Appeasing our clients is one of our primary goals. However, it does not stand alone in our business plan.

Other major objectives are included to complete the picture in order to promote our services as listed below:

  • o Propel our resources to their full potential
  • o Refine methodologies and procedures of our departments
  • o Address any legality as the company moves forward

In order to accomplish these goals and capitalise on our investments, firstly mutual bonds were created with various firms on win-win based formulas.
Second, our business development specialists exhibit a degree of competence in many different areas.
In the last decade, HS Group has generated the following deeds:

  • o Build up a mutual interest with clients, developers, PMUs and PIUs for the following sectors :

o Private investors and developers worldwide.
o Governmental authorities and parties such as ministries, local councils…etc.
o International funding agencies. For example; World Bank, Arab Fund, Kuwait Fund, Abu Dhabi Fund, Saudi Islamic Fund, as well as many international and regional donors.

  • o Create long term joint business ventures and associations with international, regional and local firms

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