Consultancy Services for Diagnostic and Pre-Feasibility Studies for Resilient Urban Development and Service Delivery in Lilongwe City- Malawi













Name of Client: Lilongwe City Council / Lilongwe Water Board

 Location:  Lilongwe – Malawi

Start Date (Month/Year):  Sep. 2019

Name of Staff Involved and Functions Sep. 2019 Performed:

Project Director: Adnan Gazzaz          Team Leader: Dr. Maram Tawil

Infrastructure: Hussein Al Heeh         Environmentalist: Kent Kafatia

Community Development and Engagement: Wisdom Bwanali

Urban Planner: Mtafu Manda         Housing Experts: Dr. Yamen AlBetawi  / Dr. Mike Moyo

Data Analysis Expert: Felix Tembo

 Narrative Description of Project:

The Consulting services of this assignment include preparation of Diagnostic and Pre-Feasibility Studies for Resilient Urban Development and Service Delivery in Lilongwe city. Lilongwe is the Capital of Malawi with 1.1 Million capita (2018). This assignment is financed by the LWSP under its Component 3 (Technical Assistance). Housing planning and pre-feasibility study in the city including review of the current housing programs and policies in the cities were within the scope of work for the project. Community and stakeholders’ survey and participation were conducted. Modification of the Housing Policy and procedures of the related programs were conducted.  The findings from this assignment will be utilized to assess future urban service provision scenarios and to propose prioritized interventions in improving municipal services in the area including but not limited to capacity building, drainage, solid waste management and urban public transport. The assignment included spatial economic strategies and urban spatial planning activities. It included development of integrated city development plans using innovative approaches.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

The Consultancy objective is to provide relevant technical advice and support to the LCC to:

• Data collection, surveys, validation of available data and Local Community and Stakeholders participation (surveys, focus groups and meetings).

• Diagnose the issues and challenges of urban development, Gap Analysis and service delivery in Lilongwe, and based on which,

• Propose and prioritize appropriate interventions in policies, strategies, specific investments, and capacity building activities.

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