Office Infrastructure


A- PENTUIM”4″ 2.8 Ghz,1G RAM,80 HDD 19Nos.
B- CELERON 3.06 Ghz, 1G RAM , 250 HDD 6Nos.
C- CELERON 2.40 Ghz, 1G RAM , 40 HDD 8Nos.
D- DUALCORE 2.60Ghz,1G RAM , 320 HDD 7Nos.
E- CORE2DUO 2.93 Ghz,2G RAM,300 HDD 11Nos.
F- PENTUIM”3″ 928Mhz ,512M RAM,40HDD 4Nos.
G   I5 4G RAM 1Tt HDD 1Nos.
A- Toshiba Notebook Atom 1.6,512m RAM ,80HDD 1Nos.
B- Sisemens pentuim”3″1.06Ghz,256m RAM,20HDD 2Nos.
C- Toshiba DUALCORE 2.1 Ghz,1G RAM, 320 HDD 2Nos.
D- Acer Celeron 1.60,256 m RAM ,40 HDD 1Nos.
E- Toshiba DUALCORE 1.73 Ghz,2G RAM, 200 HDD 1Nos.
Printers & Scanners:
A- Hp Designjet 500ps/plus,function:Ao-A1 Drawings printing 2Nos.
B- Hp LaserJet p1005, function: A4 Drawings printing 2Nos.
C- Hp Color Sphere , function:  A4 Drawings printing 1Nos.
D- Hp LaserJet 1320,function: A4 Drawings printing 1Nos.
E- Hp LaserJet p1005,function:A4Drawings printing 1Nos.
F- Hp LaserJet 1022,function:A4-A5Drawings printing 1Nos.
G- Hp DeskJet 1460,function: A4Drawings printing 1Nos.
H- Hp Office jet K7103,function:A3Drawings printing 4Nos.
I- Hp 2280 3in1,function:A4Scanning, printing &photocopy 3Nos.
J- Hp 2055d, function: A4 Drawing printing 1Nos
K- Canon Ip4500,function:A3Drawings printing 1Nos.
L- Scanner Mustek A3 ,function: scanning techniques 2Nos.
M- Scanner spson A4 , function: scanning techniques 1Nos.
External devices:
A- Epson Matrix lx300,function:A4Drawings printing 1Nos.
B- External Hard disk 100 G,function: projects archiving 1Nos.
C- External Hard disk 1 T,function: projects archiving 1Nos.
D- External DVD writer,function:projects archiving 1Nos.
E- canon NP7161 ,function: Photocopy machine 1Nos.
F- HP CD-Writer. function: projects archiving 1Nos.
G- LG CD-writer. function: projects archiving  1Nos.
H- Camera snoy dsc-w220. 1Nos.
General packagesComputer software:

A- Ms windows package milleneium , xp.
B- MS office package .R 2007

Architecture and graphics packages

A- Adobe Photoshop package R.8.O
B- Coral Draw package R.10.0.
C- AutoCAD 2010
0 E- Suktch up package R.0.7
F- Bryce package R.0.6

structural packages

A- STAD3 Package(structure analysis and design)
B- STAD PRO Package(structure analysis and design)
C- SAP 2005 (structure analysis and design)
D- Rigid (structure analysis and design)
E- SPSS (structure analysis and design)
F- Prokon 2005
G- GIS V 9.3

Road and transportation packages:
A- Land development 2005
GIS and surveying packages

A- ArcGIS (arc view)V9.3
Dams and irrigation packages

A- GSLOPE modling software .
B- Ansys catia.
Water supply and santation packages

A- Water cad XM V8.
B- Mikenet . Edition 2009.
C- Epanet. Edition 2009.
D- Sewer cad V. 5.6.

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