New crater City Master Plan Development


Research: Water Supply Planning and DesignLocation: Aden, Yemen

Client: Al-Amodi Investment Group

Address: Port Cities Development Program Aden, Khormakser
Tel: + 967 2  239 171/2
Fax: + 967 2 239 165

Start Date: October 2002Completion Date: June 2003

Duration of Assignment: 1 year

Approx. Value: $150,000

Total No. of staff-months: 200

Involved Seniors:
Advisor: Dr. Abdul Salam Kayed
Project Director: A. Galil S. Kasim
Team Leader: Adel Ali Al-Hammadi

Project’s Brief

Detailed planning and design of the water distribution system for an area of 2,000,000 m2 and population of approx 250,000 persons. The work is divided into two Areas:

North Area: located in the north and the middle of city: total area 1,482,433 m2, 252 m above sea level, divided into 4 sectors, with residential area of approx 506936 m2 and central area of 44281,3 m2.

South Area: located in the south on irregular topographical land above AL_Aidaroos hill: total area 513189 m2, 220 m above sea level, divided into 1 sector, with residential area approx 162500 m2, central area of 23945,7 m2.

Scope of Service

The work involved calculation of water demand, detailed design of trunk and branch distribution system, hydraulic calculations, structural designs for masonry & reinforced concrete channels ,retaining walls, and large size reservoirs. As well as the estimation of quantities for various items of work, costing, preparation of structural drawings and bill of quantities etc. The project involved conduction of an environmental assessment of the effects of existing and proposed water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment facilities within the project areas. Along with information gathering and documentation, interviews and discussions with appropriate World Bank, and other donor agencies, to ensure that project options under consideration are environmentally sound and sustainable, and that any environmental impacts and any potentially adverse effects are identified early stage and taken into account in project development plan, feasibility, and water resource











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