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Improvements of Kod Alnimr Beach , Aden.Yemen
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Location : Kod Al Nimr ,Aden, Yemen  ,              Client : (PCDP) Port Cities Development Program...

Administrative and services Complex For A.F.Z.
Category: ,

Location :  Caltex, Aden.Yemen.   Start Date : Jan 1999Completion Date:  Dec 2000Address :P.O.Box:5842 Malla ‘a, Aden.Yemen...

Thamar University Master Plane & Academic Building
Category: , ,

Location : Thamar. YemenStart Date : 1998 Completion Date:   2000 Address :Thamar, Yemen Total No....

KFUG – King Fahed University
Category: , ,

Location : AL-Jouf.KSA ,                                                     Client : KFUG- King Fahed University via Dr. Yasser Saker Start...

PUM – Prince Mohammed University Master Plan
Category: , ,

Location : Al-Kubar, Al- Damam, KSA . Start Date: Feb. 2003 Completion Date:  March 2003...