Updating Gore Gambella Road (Ethiopia)

Location: Ethiopia, Gore GambellaAddress: PACE  Tel: +965 2-2669600 Fax: +965 2-2656830Nogra North Complex Block “C” Beirut StreetP. O. Box 1031Safal 13011 Safal KuwaitOCETel: 251 1 6 18 00 11Fax: 251 1 6 63 09 95E-mail:Omegaconsult@ethionet.etStart Date: 2011Completion Date:2012Duration of Assignment: 2 years

Approx. Value:$20,000

Total No. of staff-months:150

Associated consultants (AC):N/A

No. of staff-months by AC:N/A

Approximate value by AC:N/A

Involved seniors: Team leader: Dr. Mohammad Aidros

Client:World Bank Pace Kuwait


Project brief:

Gore-Gambella road is an existing gravel road of approximately 144 Km. It provides an access for the western region of Ethiopia through the port of Sudan and connects the Republic of Ethiopia with the Republic of Sudan to facilitate the transportation of goods and passengers between the two countries.

Scope of services:

The purpose of our geotechnical investigation was to explore and evaluate the stability of the cut-benching slope proposed by the contractor to replace the concrete retaining walls recommended by the road designer located at Km 70+400 to Km 71+100. Although, to explore the “deep-gorge like depression” at Km 8+090 which was propagating towards the exiting road for the last 10 years.

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