Yemen Urban Water Supply OBA Al-Sharis

Research: Water Supply Planning and DesignLocation: Haja, YemenClient: World BankAddress: Alexander E. Bakalian
World Bank
1818 H Street
Washington DC 20433, USA
Start Date: 2009Completion Date: 2010Duration of Assignment: 1yearApprox. Value: $55,000Total No. of staff-months: 60

Associated Consultants (AC): ECA, UK

No. of staff-months by AC: 8

Involved Seniors:
Project Director: Paul Lewington
Coordinator: Hani Al Sahooly

Project’s BriefAl Sharis area is located at Al Sharis district in the Hajah Governorate, about 5 km east Hajah city center. It is located on flat terrain. The area includes 1,852 household and 17,712 people  in total distributed over six zones: Sudan, Al Jobiah, Al Marid, Al Kadeh, Al Kabri and Al Sharis Al Asfal, The Hajah Local Water and Sanitation Corporation is managing and operating a public water supply network for 300 households using a network of ducktail iron pipes constructed in 1984 with a total length of 4,880 meters and spread over the six main zones.Scope of ServiceThe objectives of the Yemen urban water OBA project are:

  • to provide a viable alternative approach to increase the coverage of the water supply and possibly also wastewater services in small urban and peri-urban areas
  • to leverage private sector management skills and financing, thereby reducing the role of the public sector in managing and funding urban water services.

Key indicators: The main development objective of increased access will be measured by the number of new individual household connections added to the system via the subsidy scheme.











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