Wadi Araba Master Plan

Wadi Araba



Assignment Name:Wadi Araba Integrated Master Plan and Development Feasibility Studies Country:Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Location within Country:Wadi Araba – West of Jordan Professional Staff Provided by Your Firm/Entity(profiles):Project Director / QA/ Study and Design Professionals
Name of Client: Jordan Valley Authority – Ministry of Water and Irrigation No. of Staff:28 Engineers
Address:Amman- JordanTel: 00962 6 568 9400Fax:00962 6 568 9592

E-mail: Saad_Abuhammour@mwi.gov.jo

No. of Staff-Months: 78 mmDuration of Assignment:9 Months
Start Date (Month/Year): 9/2015 Approx. Value of Services (in Current US$): 968,786
Name of Associated Consultants, If Any:KEIOS Srl- ItalyORIENT –Jordan No. of Months of Professional Staff Provided by Associated Consultants: 17  mm
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed: Project Director: Hani Sahooly                       Environmentalist : Dr. Khaled HaririTeam leader: Raffaele Gorjux                          GIS Analyst: Bashar Awamleh

Infrastructure Engineer : Hana Kaqish

Financial Expert: Nidda Maani

Narrative Description of Project:The project located in a very sensitive location close to the western borders of Jordan. The project area is a round 2,200 Km2. The project objectives are summarized as follows:

  • Preparing a Comprehensive Integrated Master Plan for the land use development of Wadi Araba Area.
  • Training and Capacity building of JVA officials after evaluation of their capabilities.
  • Defining the infrastructure development requirements in the area for the coming 30 years in accordance with the projected timing of the investment, residential, tourism and other developments.
  • Assessing the investment potential for economic activities and approach to planning and land management within the defined area and should devise a marketing strategy to promote the area and attract new investments.

Providing the programs and projects to implement the above mentioned requirements.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:As leader of the Joint Venture for this project, our company’s staff provided the following services:

  1. Overall direction and management of the project and implementing the quality control assurance activities of the project.
  2. The Environmental and the Social Studies for the project.
  3. Urban planning and land scrapping activities.
  4. Financial and economic studies for the project.
  5. Prepare final architectural, structural and MEP drawings and details.

Prepare special general technical specifications, bill of quantities and cost estimation.

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