Al Shamekhah (17) Residential Complex , Abu Dhabi

Location:                                                          Abu Dhabi, UAE

Client:                                                              Munier AL thebani

Address:                                                          Private

Start Date:                                                        2011

Completion Date:                                            2012

Duration of Assignment:                                  one year


Approx. Value of the contract:                        N/A

Total No. of staff-months:                                 4

Name of Associated consultants:                    N/A

Approx. Value of the Services provided by

the associated Firm:                                        N/A

No. of staff-months provided by associated

consultants:                                                     N/A



Involved Seniors: Hani AL Sahooly (coordinator)


Projects Brief

 The residential complex is located at al Shamaka, Abu Dhabi – UAE, with a special modern architectural style. The architectural elevation whose masses and different layers with differering materials generate a sense of movement and balance. Consisting of two floors, the approximate total built area is 574 m2. Superior finishing of architectural materials and systems including natural stone and concrete cladding make up the layers.

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