Caltex roundabout project (Aden)

Location: Aden

Address: Aden.

Tel: +967-2-239171


P.O. Box: 6293

Client: PCDP

Start Date: Feb 2010

Completion Date: On going

Duration of assignment: Ongoing

Approx. Value: $450,000

Associated consultants (AC): N/A

No. of staff-months by AC: N/A

Approximate value by AC: N/A

Professional staff: Transportation expert

Road engineers

Civil Engineers

Electrical Engineers




Projects Brief:

The Caltex intersection is a vital and strategic traffic node in Aden which links to the following areas: (1) the container port and free port to the south (2) Little Aden and expansion areas to the west, (3) the crowded commercial and transport areas of Al Mansoura and Sheikh Othman to the north, and (4) Khormaksar, the airport, Crater, Maala, and Tawahi to the south.  The vital importance of this intersection in the future can be seen by reviewing the Revised Master Plan for Aden.

Presently the intersection experiences congestion at peak hours and traffic conflicts which cause accidents. Truck, container trailers, and other heavy vehicles are common, mixed in with commuter traffic.  The roundabout is not designed with current traffic flows and types in mind.  On the positive side, there is ample vacant public owned land and generous medians surrounding the roundabout, especially on the south side, which allows for solutions which do not require any relocation or resettlement.


Scope of services:

  • Complete study and design services including conceptual, preliminary to final design.
  • Complete construction supervision services.
  • Complete survey services.

Tasks performed under this project:

  • Develop Road Safety Procedures
  • Develop Disposal Procedures for Cut Materials
  • Preparation of Environmental Assessment
  • Preparation of Draft Detailed Designs and Bidding Documents
  • Completion of Cross line and Centerline Surveys
  • Completion of Traffic Count and Survey
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Design of Protection Works
  • Hydrological Investigations
  • Study of Proposed Alignments and Alternate Alignments
  • Evaluation of Drainage Conditions and Works
  • Detailed Design Preparation of Road Works
  • Incorporate Client and WB Comments to Design Drawings.
  • Preliminary Route Reconnaissance Survey
  • Alternative Route Assessments
  • Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation
  • Preliminary Traffic counts
  • Consideration of Social and Environmental Issues
  • Identification of Design Standards and Considerations
  • Completion of Additional Testing and Field Investigation.

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