Information Center

Since collecting information and resources are vital process in our consultancy work, HS Group created a special department that reports to the administration and the operation  departments. The center is divided into three main categories:

HS Library

The HS Library was established in 2007 by specialized
staff using special archiving techniques. We provide
various materials not only for our staff, but also for
other scholars and researchers. Currently the library
contains a total of 620 books as the following:
 Architectural and engineering Materials:
- References Books: 11
- Books: 258
- Periodicals: 41
 Magazines, Publications, and other materials:
- References Books: 25
- Books: 215
- Periodicals: 70
On average, 20 new books are entered annually to
the library through the following methods:
 Direct purchasing
 Loans from public libraries.
 Giveaways from the scientific centers and
universities HS Group is working presently to launch an online library at the group’s website:

Research Center

This center was established in 2008 to document projects and studies of the firm, as well as, the ones that are done by other well-known consulting firms. Therefore, it is divided to the following sections:
 HS Studies and Projects This section contains more than 138 documents of our previous studies and projects during the last 14 years. The materials of this section are available in both soft- and hard copies consisting of the followings (as estimated in 2011):
- Technical reports and studies: 500
- Projects and competitions: 30
 Drawings and details
 Tender documents
- EOI’s and proposals: 670
 Other studies and projects

As estimated in 2011, this sections hosts around 453 studies and researches. And the numbers are increasing radically each month; the average no. of  the new studies registered in the section each month is around 14. The  materials in this section are basically as follows:
- Studies done by formal governmental bodies; ministries,
governments, local councils, and other
- Studies done by other consulting firms
- Studies purchasing from formal online stores or bookshops
Archives Center

Controlled by an advanced computer program, and managed by trained professionals, the Archives Central documents more than five files on a daily basis. The section archives all type of documents that are related to any of our departments in any of our branches. These materials are mostly the correspondences, record of the meetings, administrative works related to our projects. Currently the central archive is creating a special confidentially section to document the financial and contractual information and documents including the monthly and yearly reports.

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