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Engineering Projects:

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UWSSP Group III- Al Nadirah Town
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                    Location : Al Nadirah  Town Yemen.Start Date : June 2009...

Beryan dam
Detail Design of Beryan Dam.
Category: ,

Location : Sana’a , Yemen. Start Date : Nov. 2005 Completion Date:  April 2006Address :Sana’a Basin Water...

Sanaban water
Taiz Water and Waste Water Collection and Disposal Contract TAWCW-3
Category: ,

Location : Taiz. Yemen.Start Date : July-2004Completion Date:  2006Address :Sana’a, Urban water supply and sanitationprojectP.O.Box ...

ethiopia road project
Updating Gore Gambella Road (Ethiopia)
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Location: Ethiopia, Gore GambellaAddress: PACE  Tel: +965 2-2669600 Fax: +965 2-2656830Nogra North Complex Block “C”...

Causeway New
Widening Aden Causeway project (Aden)
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Client: Ministry of public work and highway,  Arab fund for social and economical development, Kuwait Start...

Dumam Al Juma’h road (Dhamar) Part of 7 rural roads project
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Location: Dhamar, Yemen Address:Hadda Dt. Haddah complex, Buildong No. 4 Sana’a office, ROY Tel: +967...

UWSSP Group III – Al Habeleen town Part of 3 urban centers
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Location:Al Habeelen town. Address: Sana’a, Tel: +967-01-448051 Start Date:2009 Completion Date:2010. Duration of Assignment ne...