Staff Profile

HS Group believes that human resources are the most valuable impetus behind economical development. Therefore, HS has traced its occupational policy to include employees who combine both creativity and technical mastering of their tools.

The operation mechanism of HS Group depends on the following staff:

  • Principal Staff

Our principle staff consists mainly of professional architects and engineers who occupy the heads of their departments in the headquarter and all other branches of the firm. Yet, the principle staff includes other specialist in the business world for a proper leading of the firm.

Multiple missions are executed by our principle staff, such as; forming policies and strategies of technical, administration, financial aspects; planning and developing the firm regionally and internationally; monitoring the firm’s productivity; attracting new talents and specialists.

  • Staff

HS Group is acquainted with the value of having trained and motivated members. Our HR system sorts those members into the following categories:

1- Full-Time Employees (FTE)
FTE members work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week; in the headquarter, local, and international branches. They are mainly architects, engineers, and mangers.

2- Part Time Employees (PTE)
PTE members work 5 to 6 hours a day, 3 to 6 days a week. PET are most likely to be technical staff.

3- Projects Based Staff (PBS)
PBS members are assigned to work for specific projects and predetermined periods, usually work on construction supervision or projects management.

4- Consultants
Consultants work 12 to 24 hours a week. They are mainly technical staff with a minimum of 10 years experience in specialized fields

5- Permanent Experts
They are full-time specialists with a minimum of 10 years experience.

 Here, we profile some of our team.

Buildings Department
Hani Anower Al-Sahooly General Manger / Chief of Technical Department
Ishraq Ahmed Ismail Head of Architectural Department
Sally A. Hameed Oshaish Head of Modeling Unit
Hussam K.hamis Githan Hadramout branch Manager
Omnia Mohammed luqman Architect
Lamia Mohammed Al Shibani Architect
Lian Anwer Hussain Khan Architect
Seera Shamsan Fara’a Architect
Nasr Omer Nasser Architect
Mohammed Gafer  A.Alkader Architect
Yeslam Mohammed Bamatraf Architect
Hassem Ahmed Yaslam Architect
Ghaidaa Zain Alrashidy Architect
Sarah  Ali  Kaid Architect
Misbah Mohammed Ohag Senior Architect
Mazen Omer Abdulla Bin Sa’ad Architect
Faiz Omar Mohammed Al Zu’bei Architect
Ahmed Farag Awad Mumen Architect
Hassan Aboubaker Hassan Al Eidaros Architect
Ya’aqoob Saeed Salem Musai’ad Architect
Husssain Karama Abdulla Balghaith Architect
Structure Department
Dr. Mohammed Aidaros Zain Head of Engineering Department
Ameen Kasem Ali Aklan Senior Civil engineer/ Head of supervision unit
Dalal Abdullah ahmed Head of civil engineer department
Nasreen Ahmed Sadaqa Structural engineer
Wefaq Ahmed Malik Structural engineer/ Designer
Ahd Abdoalkawi Alsanani Structural engineer
Osela Nooradin Abdullah Structural engineer
Ashraf Abdullateef Saleh Structural engineer
Ahmed Showqi Civil Engineer
Nazar Iskander Bazara Senior Civil  engineer/ Structural  Designer
Hamdi A. Rahman Yousif Civil engineer
Ramzi Juma’an Ahmed Basdo Civil engineer
Saber Saeed Naser Al Tamemi Civil engineer
Abdulla Hussain Ali Yehya Civil engineer
Urban Planning  Department
Dr. Waleed Abdulrashid Mahmood Water resources expert
Dr. Mohammed Aidros Zain Infrastructure Expert
Hani Anwer AL Sahooly Urban Designer
Dr. Siddiqui Agha Planning and transportation Expert
Dr. Fareed Mohammed A. Karim Transportation and Traffic expert
Dr. A. Salam Kaid Mohammed Water and hydraulic expert
Dr. Khaled  Mohammed Khanbari GIS Expert/ Geology
Raqiya A.Kader Humidan Legal Expert
A. Galil Salaam Kasem Roads and Land infrastructure Expert
Gamal Mohammed Bawazer Environmentalist
Ali Mohammed Al Wafi Economic Expert
Gamal Ali Abdo Saeed Urban/Land Use Expert
Yasmen Al Awadi Housing Expert
Lotfi Abdulla Hojeerh Transportation Expert/ Urban Planner
Matthew J. Smith Land use planner
MEP Department
Dr. Sakaff Ahmed Al Kaff Head of MPE department
Dr.  Ma’an Abdulla Saeed Acting  of MPE department
 Ali Mohammed Sowaleh  MPE Expert
Faten Ali Aahmed Mechanical Engineer
Nasreen Nasser Qirat Electrical Engineer
Zahia Hhussien Hammed Electrical Engineer
Marwan Mohammed Abdo Electrical Engineer
Yaseen  Mahmood  Ssaeed Mechanical Engineer
Wael Dhabwan Mechanical Engineer
Omer Karama Ashour Sa’adan Electrical Engineer
Hazem Hassen Hasson Mechanical Engineer
Ali Kinana Ibrahim Al-Jader Electrical Engineer
Water Department
 Dr. Esam Mohamed Obadi Hydrogeology consultant
Dr. A. Salam Kaid Mohammed Head of Water services department
Dr. Waleed Abdulrashid Mahmood Water resources expert
Nasreen Ahmed  Sadaqa Water and sanitation engineer/ hydraulic modeler
Osela Nooradin Abdullah Water and sanitation engineer/ hydraulic modeler
Sammer Saeed Water and sanitation engineer/ hydraulic modeler
Faten Ali Ahmed Mechanical /  hydraulic modeler
Yaseen  Mahmood Yaseen Mechanical /  hydraulic modeler
Gamal Abdullah Salem Water expert /designer /hydraulic modeler
Neyazi Yassin A.khan Senior sanitation engineer
Mohammed   Esmaail Senior sanitation engineer
Mansour Abdul Wahed Ahmed Hydrogeology consultant
Mohammed Ali Albanaa Senior water supply engineer
Road and Highways Department
Dr. Fareed Mohammed A. Karim Transportation and Traffic expert
Dr. Mohammed Aidros Zain Bridge engineer
Dalal Abdullah Ahmed Civil / Roads  Designer
Ashraf A. Latif Ahmed Saleh Civil / survey engineer
A. Galil Salaam Kasem Roads and Land infrastructure Expert
Ahmed A. Salam Nashir Senior road surveyor
A.Salam Nasher Senior road surveyor
Lotfi Abdulla Hojeerh Transportation Expert/ Urban Planner
GIS and Survey Department
Dr. Khaled  Mohammed Khanbari GIS Expert
Osela Nooradin Abdullah GIS operator
Sammer Saeed GIS operator
Ashraf A. Latif Ahmed Saleh GIS operator
Ahmed A. Salam Nashir Senior land surveyor
Hani Abdul Galil Mohammed Senior land surveyor
A.Salam Nasher Senior land surveyor
Reyadh Al Sanawi Senior GIS operator
Taha Al Buraihi GIS operator
Dams and Irrigation Department
Dr. Esam Mohamed Obadi Hydrologist
Dr. A. Salam Kaid Mohammed Hydrologist
Dr. Khaled Mohammed Khanbar Geologist / GIS expert
Dr. Waleed Abdulrashid Mahmood Hydrologist
Wefaq Ahmed Malik Irrigation engineer
Maroof Ibrahim Oquba Geologist
Rashid Abdo Saif Al-Garadi Dam engineer
Hussen  Abdulla Maysari Irrigation engineer
Iskander Bazara’a Dam and Irrigation expert
Ports and Marine Department
Dr. Nooradin Fakhri Senior port consultant
Nasreen Ahmed  Sadaqa Structural engineer
Mohammed Obadi Mohammed Senior Port engineer
Gamal Mohammed Bawzeer Environmentalist
Hussain Saeed Jaz’e Farhan Senior Port engineer
Anis Abdulla Shotah Senior Port engineer
Jalal Thabet Senior Port engineer
Nazar Iskander Bazara Structural engineer
Supporting time  Administration Department
Bassam Hussien Ali Ghaniem HR of QPM, Sana’a
Khalid Omer Orabi Head of Technical secretary
Nidal Akhtar Sulaiman Planning & Statistics in charge/GM office Director
Sumeiya Feisal Abdul Bary Document controller clerk
Baha  Hassan Al Salami Sana’a branch manager
Hussam Khamis Ghaithan Hdramout branch manager
Maleza Salah AL-geelani Employees affairs
Yousra Hassan Ali ALsahooly Executive secretary
Athmar Nasser Mouthuna Secretary
Adnan Juzar Hatim Human resources officer
Financial Department
Ehab Mohammed Ahmed Internal Auditor
Layal Anwar Al Sahooly Head of Financial Department
Mazleen A. Wali Senior accountant
Abeer Shafeeq  A. Hammed Accountant
Yusri Ribhee Hussein Accountant
Proposal & Business development Department and Graphics Unit
Ahmed Foad Alyousfi Head of proposal & Business Development Department
Rafed Gehad Aman Head of Graphics & I.T unit / business development Department
Taghreed Abdullah Al Matary Head Of Media Development Units
Amal Tawfiq Ahmed Proposal officer
Ahmed  Abdullah Bin kulaib Business development assistant
Ahmed Mostafa Al-Hopaishi Graphics Assistant

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