Hotel project in Comoros island

Published in: Monday, May 14th, 2018 at 1:00 PM


  • HS International Engineering Consultants extends its operations scope to Africa
  • HS group started to expand its range of operation into Africa with the target of opening new markets through executing the works for Hotel Fenmboni in Itsandra west of Comoros large island.
  • His Excellency, the president has placed the foundation stone for this project.
  • HS Group general manager, Engineer Hani Al-Sahooly stated that extending the group’s scope of operation through geographical exposure particularly in Africa is one of the main goals of the group. He further elaborated, that this vital project is an essential step which would attract tourists and potential international investors to the island which would ultimately help in vitalizing the economy in Comoros Island. He further emphasized that the group provides Consultancy services covering a wide scope of activities, amongst which, engineering design for buildings, infrastructure, water & sewerage systems, roads & transportation, agricultural conduits and water dams in addition to Oil, Gas & energy, ports and marine works. All this is performed via an integrated network of HS Group offices throughout world.
  • It is worth mentioning that HS International Engineering Consultants signed a number of contracts to execute projects in Comoros Island such as the students accommodation for Comoros University in Moroni and the construction of 100 housing units for low income families including support buildings such as a Masjed, a school, a marketplace, parks and children playgrounds.


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