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HS group was established in 1997 under the name of HS & Associates – Planners, Architects & Engineering Consultants, as a limited liable company provides professional consultancy services in buildings, urban planning and engineering, in 2010 the firm has expanded to become a group of consultancy firms in the region, recently HS group owns and affiliates with four regional firms in UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Djibouti.


HS group and it`s licensed affiliates make up a multi-faceted organization of interrelated facilities-oriented lines of business. Our diverse staff blend of architectural, engineering, urban planning, environmental, socio- economical, project management, administration, financial, and information management professionals work together as a closely knit team whose goal is to maintain the trust that our clients place in us while creating world-class work.

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Hs group has succeeded to offer number of consulting services to a large working bodies in this field including public & private sectors in addition to the great majority of the donation bodies working in the middle east, east Africa and recently in east Asia and mid Europe, in all sectors and different types, level of the consultancy services


News & Events

Providing the master plan for the campus of Shabwa University in Yemen

Through its regional office in Amman, HS International Group for Engineering Consultancy provided the master plan for the.


Visiting the governor of Shabwah to HS group regional office

On 22nd June, 2021, Mohamed Saleh Ibn Adio the governor of Shabwah had visited HS group regional office.


students housing project at Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan University in Khost State in Afghanistan

It is expected that during the coming period, construction, equipping and furnishing of the students housing project at.


Two medical hospitals in the Burao and Berbera regions in Somaliland

The project to build two medical hospitals in the Burao and Berbera regions in Somaliland was inaugurated by the representative.


Preparing the architectural design for eighty bedrooms hotel in Canada

The HS Group, through its representative in the regional office in Canada, prepared the architectural design for a hotel which.

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